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You wake up in an open field. Your head hurts immensely for some reason, but the weather is fairly nice, with the bright sun shining and the calm wind gently blowing. Thinking to yourself, "How did I get here? ...Where am I? WHO am I?", you stand up slowly and notice a leafy tree nearby gently swaying in the breeze. There are also flowers all around you, wafting their wonderful scent into your lungs. You walk around for a bit, unsure of where to go. Holding your head in pain, you start walking in a random direction, hoping to eventually reach some sort of civilization.

After walking for a short time, you notice a strange colorful object in the sky. Adjusting your eyes, you can slightly make out shades of green, pink, and blue, when suddenly the object dives down and a large white blur lands in front of you. At first it looks like.... a horse? But it's definitely not a normal horse, not with those candy-like colors. And then something in your mind clicks: this is none other than Princess Celestia from the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". You can't remember much about your old life, but seeing this pony princess brings back a fragment of your memory. You smile to yourself as you remember your liking of the show, but you still can't remember much else. She lifts her head up and looks at you strangely, having never seen anything like a human before. You have a hard time trying not to squee at the sight of her, but you're smiling very widely. You walk up to her slowly and hold your hands out, gesturing to her that you mean no harm. "You... who are you?" She asks you immediately, her expression even more confused because of your unusual smiling.

You pause for a second and lower your hands. Even you can't really answer that question. "I... don't really know..." You reply sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head. You then remember that your head really hurts for some reason. "Well come with me, you must be hungry, being stranded out here in the middle of nowhere." She turns around and looks back at you, signaling for you to get on her back. You hesitantly get on, making sure to hold her in a spot that won't offend her. Wrapping your hands around her lower neck, you climb aboard and she takes off. "What is your name, and what sort of creature are you?" She asks as she flies. "I..." You take a moment to make sure you know what you're talking about. "My name is ____, and I'm a human. I'm from a place called 'Earth'."
"Hmm, how strange, our planet is also called 'Earth', as yours apparently is. But I've never seen anything like a human before. I don't know where on Earth you could possibly be from, but this country is called-"

"Equestria!" You blurt out, forgetting that the ponies are unaware of your knowledge of their presence. "Yes, how did you know?" She responds, curious. "Erm... I, uh..... , I've heard stories about a land called Equestria that is filled with ponies, where I come from." You were somewhat telling the truth, after all.  "Ah, I see." She replies. "Do you know where this country you live in might be in relation to Equestria? I will have my geographers find it for you."

"Sorry," You apologize, "I honestly have no idea how far or near it is, or what it's even called." Celestia sighs. "Very well. Unfortunately, we have no spells to return memory; the mind is a very powerful thing. Until we can find a way to get you back home, you may stay in one of Canterlot Castle's suites."

"Wow, really? Thank you, Pri-" You remember that she never told you her name. "What's your name, by the way?"

   "My name is Princess Celestia." Celestia responded as you approach Canterlot. She soon arrives at one of the suites in one of the high towers surrounding the main castle. I hope you feel at home here, I will have a meal delivered to your room soon. Is there anything you humans eat that we might have?" She asks with a smile. You think for a moment, recalling the more human-suitable foods in a pony's diet. "I'll have some apple cobbler and.... a daffodil and daisy sandwich." You're feeling adventurous today. The Princess nods. "I will be back with it shortly, and we can discuss more about each other while we eat. Would that be all right?"

You grin ecstatically at the thought of being on a "date" with the Princess herself. You nod fairly eagerly as you say yes, and when she leaves, you begin to quickly think up moves that will impress her when she comes back.  Clopping to her was already amazing back home, but to actually do that.... "Come on now, don't get ahead of yourself.", You think to yourself as you come back to reality, or at least as close to reality as you can get when you're a human in Equestria. But you still try to think of ways to not act like a dork in front of her. You make sure your clothes are straight, your hair is decent, and you don't smell bad in her presence. Now that you think about your first experience with her, she is incredibly kind, even more than you're used to seeing in the show. She trusted you, took you in "under her wing", as it were, and personally gave you food and shelter while you were lost and alone. Maybe you DO have a chance with her....

Princess Celestia returns about twenty minutes later, using her magic to carry a levitating bowl-full of apple cobbler and a plate with a daffodil and daisy sandwich on it. She also carried a tea pot with some tea cups and a small tray of cakes and pasties for both of you to share. As you both sit down, she places the plate on a tray in front of you and lightly rests the bowl in your lap. "Please, eat." She requests, handing you a fork. You smile back at her and blush a little as you take the fork, taking a bite of the apple cobbler first. When you first taste it, you can hardly believe it; it tastes more incredible than anything apple-related you've ever eaten! You take another bite, and another, while Celestia nibbles at one of the cupcakes from the tray and sips some of the tea she also brought up. She giggles a little as she watches you eat the cobbler so eagerly. "God dammit," you think to yourself, "I already failed. I look like a total dork right now." Feeling a little humiliated at your own indiscretion, you set your fork down and try to start the conversation.
"Thank you for all of your hospitality, your Highness!"

"It's not a problem at all," She says with a serene smile, "And you may just call me Celestia if you wish. I'm not one for formalities like most ponies tend to assume!" She laughs a her own little joke, and you laugh with her. She offers you a cup of tea and you accept it, setting it beside you for a moment to let it cool down a bit. Continuing to eat the cobbler, a little more slowly of course, you both begin to talk about why and how you might've came to Equestria. Once the cobbler bowl is cleaned, you go for the sandwich. Made with.... flowers. Lifting it up and bringing it to your mouth, you focus extremely hard on not gagging on it if it tastes terrible, or even worse, spitting it out at her. With your luck with women, you don't doubt that it could happen. However, once you finally taste it, you're thoroughly surprised; it actually tastes good! It almost tastes something like if lettuce was mixed with honey. Smiling as you take another savory bite, you stop caring whether you're dreaming or not, or even whether you'll ever get home or not. As you finish off your sandwich, you and Celestia continue talking and getting to know more about each other as you share a slice of cake and drink the tea which is now cool. Both of you laugh, enjoying each other's company. You think to yourself as you smile with her, "I think I'll like it here."


Several months have passed now, and you and Celestia have become very good friends. You meet each other every single day, having the usual lunch together and talking about the goings-on in Equestria. She is now more like a best friend to you, brightening up your day whenever you see her. You haven't made a move on her yet, out of respect for her and fear that you could lose a valuable friendship. One day, you're having the usual get-together when Celestia brings up an unusual subject. "Would you.... like to see my room? I feel that I can trust you enough, we've become quite good friends after all..." She asks. Caught by surprise, you nod eagerly. "Absolutely!" You reply. You stand up and follow her to her room in one of the nearby castle pillars, secretly catching glances of her flank as it teeters back and forth in front of you while you walk behind. She opens the door to her quarters and gestures for you to enter first.

You take a step inside and your eyes light up; the room is very large and dimly lit, with extravagant paintings of famous ponies plastered on the walls. A king-size bed lay in the middle of the wall across from you, taunting you with its perfectly made-sheets, just waiting to be rustled. You once again turn to more dirty thoughts, reminding yourself to calm down. "The Princess is just being generous to show you her room, there's nothing more to it than that.... right?" You still can't help but think you actually might have a chance with her. Suddenly, while you're distracted with the room's beauty, Celestia quietly closes the door behind her and locks it. She smirks a little, licking her lips as her eyes lower seductively. Celestia walks past you and towards the bed, teasing you with her supple flank. She sits on the bed, playing innocent. "Come, sit with me." She says calmly, smiling at you. "Yes, Princess." You reply with a smile, sitting next to her, your nerves tingling at the tension. However, you're still convinced that it's all in your head. "Do you like my bedroom?" she asks, "I feel it's rather cozy."

"It sure is." You reply, trying to inconspicuously inch your way closer to her while you look around the ceiling and walls. She notices you attempt at flirting, however, and smirks. Celestia moves her face close to your cheek and gives it a long lick, moaning softly in your ear. You jump a little, extremely turned on, yet shocked that she actually did such a thing. "....P-Princess?!" You stammer. "Please," she beckons, "Don't pretend that you haven't fantasized about me, I can see the signs. I understand. And I think it's rather... interesting." She smirks again. "Interesting that you, a human, feel this way about me, a pony Princess. And I... I find myself interested in you as well." Celestia slowly removes the crown from her head and places it on the bedside table. "It's been such a long time since I've experienced love-making... in the short time I've known you, I've come to care rather deeply for you, and I want us to experience this together as much as you do... please... give me love..." She then proceeds to remove each of her hoof plates, also setting those down at the side of the bed. All the while you are standing in front of her, mouth hanging open in disbelief that this is actually happening. "I'm... going to need help with this one..." The Princess blushes in the dim light, nodding down at her collar necklace. Snapping out of your trance, you walk over to her and wrap your hands around her sleek neck, reaching behind her and taking off her golden necklace, placing it on the bed-side table next to her regal crown.

"Good," she thanks you, "Now.... shall we?" Celestia moaned as she laid on her bed flat on her back, looking at you playfully and smiling at you, spreading her beautiful thin legs apart. Too intoxicated by her beauty to ask any more questions, you immediately tear all of your clothes off as fast as humanly possible and toss them aside on the floor, climbing into bed on top of her. Celestia moans out gently as your skin caresses against her silky white coat, making her spread her legs even more out of instinct. You place your hips between her open legs, holding back your urges to take the time to make her feel like a Princess. Gently holding her lower neck with your open palm, you work your way down, massaging her chest and progressively getting lower and lower. She licks her lips in response as she looks at you, whispering, "Come closer.... closer... please..." You obey her wish and lean forward towards her face, feeling her warm breath against your lips before interlocking your mouth with hers. Celestia groans into your mouth in ecstasy, wrapping her hooves around your neck and pulling you in closer.

You cleverly reach your hand down in between her legs as you kiss, using two of your fingers to rub her clit gently. Responding to the pleasure, she breathes much more heavily and moans more passionately, sliding her large moist tongue deeply into your mouth. You lick at it a little before sucking on it like a popsicle. Her taste is nothing short of unbelievable, with her sweet saliva oozing down your throat. You begin to thrust your hips just a little out of impulse, taking your hand and covering her moist marehood with it. Your open palm rubs and grinds against her warm slit, feeling her warm heat radiating on it. Another coo comes from Celestia as you do this, and you decide to use two of your fingers to spread her lips open, stroking the inner walls of her. Her back arches in response and she lays her head back on the large pillow, letting your gentle fingers explore her. Your index and middle finger slip inside her wet opening; you twirl them around a little inside her like a screwdriver.

Celestia begins to thrust her tongue in and out of your throat, her slippery wet tongue sliding back and forth in your mouth and rubbing against your own. Your arousal increases as Celestia's thick tongue makes a schlopping sound in your mouth. Beginning to feel a greater lack of self-control, you slide a third finger into her, and a forth, bringing them close together yet widening the inside of her hot wet marehood all the same. The Princess takes her tongue out of your mouth and simply begins licking at your face ravenously; her warm sweet breath against your face arouses you immensely, causing you to thrust your fingers into her harder. You also stick your tongue out and intermingle yours with hers, giggling softly in pleasure as you look into eachother's eyes. As you gaze into her large purple eyes looking sensuously at you, you can tell that she's really enjoying this, but you also feel like there is something else, too.  You and Celestia are very good friends now, but could it be possible that she might indeed love you to that extent? "Maybe..." You think to yourself.

Your fingers push deeper and faster inside her increasingly wet pussy as you play with eachother's tongues. Princess Celestia suddenly feels a shudder of pleasure through her entire body as she cries out loudly, "I-I'm... CUMMING! Ahh!" You ram your fingers into her hole; now feeling a warm sticky fluid coat your hand entirely, Celestia's juices squirt all the way up to your wrist. "Mhhh... thank you... I am so happy..." She licks her lips and bites it softly, looking up at your with those gorgeous eyes of hers as she breathes heavily resting her head on the pillow once more. You slowly take your hand out of her and awe at what you've accomplished; as you look at your cum-soaked hand, you notice that even Celestia's juices have a shimmering tint to them, glimmering in a similar manner that her mane does. Curious, you bring your hand up to your mouth and try to lick it clean, reveling in the sweet taste. Celestia looks on at you, blushing. "..May I?" she asks, "I have never tasted myself before... I must say, I am a bit curious..."

"Hehe, sure." You reply, bringing your sticky hand to her face. She gives your hand a quick lick, just to get a sample. Then, without warning, she continues, closing her eyes and moaning again softly as she drags her tongue all over your hand. "I guess that means she likes it!" You think to yourself with a chuckle. You insert your fingers into her mouth for her to suck on, and she certainly does just that. You feel ticklish as Celestia's tongue swerves back and forth between each of our fingers, her entire mouth wrapping itself around your hand. She lets out a pleasured moan and stops, taking your fingers out of her mouth. "Delicious." she grins, licking her lips. Smirking, you kiss her again before moving down her body, kissing and licking her silky white chest and stomach before reaching her sticky warm marehood. You gently rub the insides of her haunches, spreading her legs apart and fully exposing her beautiful pink slit. Celestia lets out a passionate sigh and rubs herself with her hooves, closing her eyes and bracing herself for another rush of pleasure. You moan deeply as you give her clitoris a long lick, spreading her lips apart.

The Princess's eyes widen and close again, lifting her body up a little and shaking uncontrollably from the feeling. You suck on her clit momentarily before sliding your tongue in, causing Celestia to let out another loud grunt. Her insides tasted even better than her juices on their own; you can feel her inner walls shifting and contacting around your tongue, responding to your stimulation. Celestia lets out a short breath every time you thrust your tongue in. Giving her calf a quick spank, which makes her let out a frisky yelp of pleasure, you take your tongue out for a second, gazing at her tempting little plot-hole. You lower your mouth down to it and also give it a lick out of curiosity. To no surprise, even her plot tastes delicious. You lick several more times, with Celestia squirming in the bed. "Oooh, mmhhh..." She coo's in response, new to the sensation. You return to her awaiting pussy, almost immediately inserting the full length of it into her.

Inserting your index finger into her plot and lightly thrusting it into her, you begin to hear her moan and shudder again like she did last time; she was getting close. She thrust her hips forward, wrapping her front hooves around your head and bringing it as close to her crotch as possible. You didn't mind at all, in fact just the opposite. "Aaaahhh!!" She let out a yell as she fired her liquids into your mouth and across your face. At this point it was obvious, and you couldn't have been more pleased about it: Princess Celestia is a squirter.  Her body relaxes once more, closing her eyes and moaning out softly. You drink down every bit of Celestia's cum that went into your mouth, now proceeding to lick it off your lips. "I.. I would like more.." Celestia moans between breaths. You comply and sit up, bringing your face closer to hers; she moans deeply as she licks her own juices off of your face. Wrapping your hands around her back as she licks you, you adjust your hips between hers and rub your stiff cock between your stomachs. "Ohhhh... yes, give it to me, please..." She moans as she finishes licking, inserting her smooth tongue into your mouth again.

You ease your way into Celestia's sopping wet hole, gently gripping her back as you slide your thick cock slowly into it. Celestia moans in delight into your mouth, wrapping her hooves around your back. Her wet walls felt amazing on your member as they tightened themselves around it. You push in even further, groaning deeply into her mouth as you move your hips from side to side as you thrust. Celestia bites your bottom lip erotically, her wings fully extending out onto the bed and moaning as you try to find her g-spot. After a few minutes of wriggling your member inside of her tunnel, you finally hit it. Celestia screeches in a high-pitch wail of pleasure as you pound at it repeatedly, clenching her teeth and tightening her grip on you; she wraps her legs around you and pulls your neck closer, sucking on your mouth ravenously.

"MMMMHHHHH!!!" She practically screams into you mouth, squirting her cum all over your lap with her pussy contracting down on your dick. The increased pressure on it brings you on the brink of climax; your hips slap hard against her plot-cheeks and you pin her front hooves down on the bed. The base of your cock smacks against her lips as your entire shaft is buried inside of her marehood. You moan into eachother's mouthes and swirl your tongues around eachother until your cock finally explodes , firing your cum deep into her womb. You slowly break the kiss, smiling down at her; she smiles up at you also, fluttering her eyelashes at you. As you kiss her again, she turn over and lays on top of you, grinding your stiff cum-soaked cock between her legs once more.

However, she catches you off guard by shimmying down you body and nuzzling your penis with her nose, giving the head a frisky lick as she smirks up at you. Celestia then gulps your shaft down, gargling a little as she bobs her head up and down. You hold her head, moaning, " Ohhh, Celestia.... you're absolutely amazing..." She smiles at the compliment as she sucks you off, dragging her tongue across your shaft and looking up at you with her beautiful purple eyes. She groans loudly as she sucks you, vibrating your cock with her throat. Celestia's lips hit the base of your dick as she deep-throats you, gagging loudly and shaking her head from side to side. The pleasure is to much for you to take anymore; you hold her head down on your lap, firing your hot gooey load down her throat. She lifts her head up and takes a deep breath, licking her lips. The Princess gulps your white cum down and opens her mouth for you, showing that she swallowed it all. She giggles and moves up your body again, kissing you passionately.

You grab her flank and roll over on top of her, grabbing her horn in your hand and stroking it gently up and down as you rub her chest. Feeling frisky, Celestia brings your hand from her chest to her throat, giving you a naughty look. Understanding what she wants, you lightly grasp her throat and pin her neck down on the bed, adjusting your cock so that your head is lightly prodding at her plot-hole. She gazes at you seductively, rocking her hips back and forth and nudging it into your member. As you slowly push your way into her tight hole, your grip on her neck and horn unintentionally get stronger, but Celestia doesn't mind. In fact, she seems to like it even more. You shove your stiff cock into her plot deeply, immediately feeling much more pressure than usual due to its tightness.

Celestia lets out another sharp yelp, her face turning a little red. Part of it was from blushing, the other half was from being moderately choked. You clop her horn off faster and tighten your grip on her neck even more as you kiss her deeply and thrust into her tight, moist plot. Celestia suddenly lets out one of her usual "I'm close" moans. Your clopping of her horn becomes rapid, eager to get her to... whatever alicorns do when they release pleasure through their horn.  You feel yourself getting close as well. You let go of her neck and use both hands to vigorously stroke her horn, thrusting your hips into her little plot-hole several more times before filling her up with the last of your your hot, sticky sperm. Celestia lets out a light shriek as her horn glows brightly immediately after you cum, filling the room with a blinding golden light. You can't see anything, but whatever it is you're feeling, it is the most phenomenal sensation you have ever felt. It feels as if 10 simultaneous orgasms are coursing through your entire body. It feels like it will last forever, and you more than just fine with that.

Once the light finally recedes, you find yourself collapsed on top of Princess Celestia, breathing extremely heavily; she is doing the same, whimpering softly in pleasure. Your hard dick is still inside of her tight plot, so you pull out of her slowly to not cause her any discomfort. She gives you a seductive look, hugging you tightly and wriggling her plot underneath you, positioning her waist so that you could enter her marehood again. You push yourself forward a little and fit snugly inside, with her tunnel wrapping itself around your member like a warm blanket. It feels just as amazing as before, but you both know that you're both done for now. She is obviously just as exhausted as you are. You both smile tiredly at eachother, hugging eachother tightly and kissing passionately. You look into her eyes, she looks into yours, and you both smile. "I..." You stammer, nervous to confess. "I... love you, Princess Celestia."
"And I love you as well, ____." She replies softly, stroking your back. You slowly fall asleep in her gentle arms, rubbing your face against her sleek coat. Your dreams are filled with the beautiful white alicorn mare, spending the rest of your days with her.
"I never want to leave." You mumble in your sleep.

"You won't have to." Celestia replies quietly as she smiles down at you, nuzzling you before falling asleep with you in her bed.
After somehow ending up in Equestria as a human and befriending Princess Celestia, Her Majesty eventually invites you to her personal royal chamber for a private encounter.
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